Text for group-exhibition Spatial Sublation (March 19 - 27, 2016) at WIELS Project Room in Brussels, Belgium.

Text based on an interview and written by Charlotte Van Buylaere

Text excerpts from catalogue for group-exhibition of Eau&Gaz Artist in Residence Program 2015 (May 22 - June13, 2015)

at Lanserhaus, in St. Michael / Eppan, Italy.
Text based on an interview and written by Margareth Kaserer / Hotel Amazonas

Text excerpts from publication for group-exhibition XIX (October 31 - November 9, 2014) at basis e.v in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Publication made by Bert Jacobs and designed by Griesbacher & Tafner with interviews by Saul Judd

Text for solo-exhibition Public View and Performance (November 16 -  December 9, 2014)  at Platform 102 in Brussels, Belgium.

Written by O. Rynell Cash / Platform 102